Aggravated DUI Charges Filed Against Hough

Aggravated DUI

(Robinson, IL)  –  State’s Attorney Matthew Hartrich has filed two counts of aggravated DUI against Garick Hough. The first count against Hough alleges that he was driving while under the combined influence of alcohol and drugs. The second count alleges that Hough had drugs in his system. Both charges are Class Two felonies and both allege that his actions caused the accident that killed 17-year-old Alexis Myers. Hough was allegedly driving when his vehicle went off the road early Tuesday morning near Gordon Junction. Myers was thrown from the vehicle. After he was arrested Tuesday morning, Sheriff Todd Liston said Hough was just over the legal limit for alcohol and also had opiates and THC in his system.

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  • Mark Earnest

    Where is the manslaughter charges this guy deserves???? He made the decision as an adult to transport another person in his vehicle while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and caused the death of another person. I hope the states attorney steps up and files more charges, or her family does.

    • unknown

      you cant blame it all in the driver the passengers new that he was under the unfluence so its there fault for getting in the vehicial no one made her get in the car.

      • Willybiker56

        “their fault” And yes, all in the vehicle made bad choices that day. Once again, someone gives their life showing the rest of us the benefits of a seat belt.
        Not to mention the stupidity of drinking and driving.

        • blacksunshine

          The person who purchased the alcohol should be the one locked away. Some people should worry about their kids and not something that’s too late. I for 1 will not take advice from anyone who don’t know how to raise children and let them do whatever the hell they want. Nor will i take advice from someone the state deemed incapabble of caring for their children. Moral of my story is don’t be putting down others or the state because your kids are on the same road and its your fault for not allowing the other parent any say. Better open your drunken eyes before the state takes your kids and even@ worse you bury one of them.

          • Leslie C Brown

            Im sorry yes my neice made a mistake of getting in this boys car and it doesnt matter how u raise ur children there gonna do wat they want no matter wat and her past has nothing to do with wat happen that night she made mistakes we all have there for I think he should get the book thrown at him my neice was no angle but she is now so if u cant say anything nice about her keep her name out ur mouth!!!!!! LOVE AN MISS U ALEXIS

      • Kathy Myers

        OK how can you say my granddaughter knew what he was on before she got in you can’t and believe he if she knew she wouldn’t have cause she told us many a times she was scared of death but it looks like she got the death penalty but I guess some of you seem to think that was right the way you talk she was also minor what was he thinking. What if he had hit a car and killed more innocent people would they have been wrong for being on the road cause they knew he was under the influence. Answer that it could of been you or yours. I pray that never happens. We can never hold our baby again talk to her again. They can hold and love theres even if he got a lot of . years in the pen. She told us she would be old enough in couple weeks and I won’t have to depend on a ride she had two jobs lined out she was so proud but I guess she will never get to live her dream or have children to love. I hope none of you ever have to go threw this so what should they do put him back on the road to kill again. I think not. how could he learn from this if he gets slapped on the hand how can any teens or older people learn if he’s let go. She was a good girl she would gave you her last dime or gave you the clothes off her back. I hope and pray people are smart enough not to want him on the road to kill and it could be you or one of yours I pray not

        • Willybiker56

          Well, sad as the reality is, it’s obvious Alexis had made some bad desisions that night, and also in the past. Is the fault all hers for the way things ended that night? No, but she DID put herself in the position for this to happen. Moral is; parents need to learn how to raise and guide their children and a lot of this type of tragity could be avoided.

        • sadstory420

          Um sorry but you can toatally blame it all on the driver! If he would not have been huffing duster he would have never went of the road in the first place! His choice to hit the can while driving not Alexis’. that being said she was probably huffing as well, in my book she put her life in a dumb ass’ hands and she paid the ultimate price for it, so lets hope the DA and the judge thow the book at Garick! I’m so sorry for your loss

    • Rancy Manhart

      Don’t worry mark. he will get what is comming to him. her mother will see to that. angie myers will not stop.untill he gets what is comming to him

  • Sandra Layton

    No one should judge. Teenagers are just that teenagers we can try and teach them but they don’t always listen. They think they are adults and they can make decisions on their own. The kids had drugs in his system…and noone can say she knew that. He decides while driving to start huffing a can…what is she supposed to do jump out of the car?…Everyone has made mistakes in their past including you self righteous people sticking up for that kid. NO ONE is perfect not even you…”Unknow” who runs their mouth but no guts to put your name….& Willybiker 56…are you saying that every mistake you madewas your parents fault? I bet they would say different. Wrong decisions was made by teenagers that night…and 1 died and the one driver should be held accountable for it. “unknown” & Willybiker 56, you know damn good and well if your kid had died that night you would be doing the same thing that Lexi’s mother and family is doing. Honestly, I hope the throw the book at the kid…so at least he will be alive for his parents to visit and see. People either like Angie Meyers or they don’t and that is their opinion. People do the best they can. No one deserves to have their child die then be judged and criticized for the past. Life is to short and only God will judge us all in the end!