CCHD Asking for Patience and Understanding in COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

(Undated) – As the COVID-19 vaccinations continue, the Crawford County Health Department is asking for the public’s patience and understanding. The public is reminded that as Phase 1a vaccinations are wrapping up, the CCHD must wait on the entire state to move into Phase 1b. According to the CCHD, it is important to note that even though the state will most likely be moving into Phase 1b in the coming weeks, that does not mean everyone in phase 1b will be vaccinated immediately. The distribution will be largely reliant on the allocation of vaccines from the state and vaccine availability remains scarce at this time. Per the CDC and the Illinois Department of Public Health, Phase 1b will include all “non-medical” frontline workers and those 65 and older. Learn more about the state’s Phased Allocation plan by following the link with this story at